Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer of Jazz

Ahhh..........the Glenwood Springs Summer of Jazz!

We enjoyed a wonderful jazz concert last night down at Two Rivers Park where Ahmad Jamal played what he refers to as "American Classical." This event is so special. Great music, dinner on the lawn, children spinning and dancing, teens throwing frisbies and kicking soccer balls, and many folks of all ages enjoying the evening with friends. It truly is a community event.

The evening started out with a bit of a downpour but we threw our blanket over our heads and stayed dry. Then the speakers, the piano, and drums were uncovered and the music began.

A little girl ran from one set of speakers to the other, listening intently. It was fun watching her. Sometimes she would stop and stare at the musicians, playing air piano on the edge of the stage. She twirled and sang, thoroughly enjoying the music.
A local artist, Dean Bowlby, sat on the ground in front of us, painting the musical scene. We discovered him last summer after we'd seen him painting at a concert and a few weeks later saw
the painting in an art shop downtown.

The sun came out, we savored a beautiful sunset, and left looking forward to next week's concert.

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