Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rio GrandeTrail

Goal for the summer: to ride our bikes up to Aspen via the Rio Grande Trail. Yesterday afternoon we started our "training."

Yikes! Horses are allowed on this trail. Nothing like riding along and coming upon either a huge horse or a pile of goodies he's left behind. And just why is it that you don't have to pick up after your horse but you do have to pick up after your dog? Really, the horse's mess is so much bigger.

Good. Only 40 miles to Aspen. The best thing is: it's downhill on the way home.

That's beautiful Mt. Sopris ahead, still wearing the white mantle of snow.

Arianna and Mallory: Can you tell how far we went? Yes, your old folks made it up to the Colorado Mountain College turnoff on their very first try! About 12 percent of the total trip. And it only took us half an hour. Maybe this is doable.

Lest you think this is a piece of cake, here's what's left of a critter that didn't make it. The trail guide does warn of mountain lions. I wonder if we could outrun a lion with our bikes?


ari311 said...

dad is so cute

Anonymous said...

C, Why are all of the the shots of T from the posterior? Although he doesn't look all that happy in the side view. Nice white socks too. Enjoy the Roaring Fork. Peace, Debra

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