Sunday, June 15, 2008

Made it to Carbondale and the Glenwood Springs Crit

Bike Yes
Water bottle Yes
Bike pump and extra tire Yes
Helmet Of course
Let's go!

Wait...............who didn't check the weather? The beautiful blue, cloudless Colorado sky can be so deceiving. It's nearly freezing out here at 8AM.

Should we go get our fleece?
No, let's tough it out.

I made it up to Carbondale on my bike on Saturday -- about one-quarter of the way to my summer goal of riding all the way to Aspen! Took this photo as proof as I finished alone. My sweet biking partner decided to head back a bit early. Saw gold finches, redwing blackbirds, mountain bluebirds, a heron, a hawk being chased by two small birds, ground squirrels, and several bunnies. This Rio Grande Trail is really so beautiful and peaceful -- and I didn't need the fleece after all.

We walked downtown this morning as it was yet another beautiful day in Paradise. Caught part of the Glenwood Springs Criterium on the way back. Some were really cruising...........

And some were going nowhere fast!

1 comment:

Thrifty Chick said...

Looks like a good time! I would love to see those birds...

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