Friday, June 13, 2008

Ban on Thongs

Have you heard the news? Thongs are no longer allowed at some pools and beaches around the US. How can this be? As a child I spent many summers at our cottage on Saginaw Bay where I lived in my thongs. I remember the first time I’d put them on for the season, the space between my big toe and second toe would hurt so badly. I had to build up a callous and then it would be okay. Those thongs kept the hot sand and pavement from burning my feet. I’m certain my parents loved them as well because they were relatively inexpensive. Of course if I tried to run in them I would invariably stub my big toe. OUCH! Gosh that hurt. Well, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to ban those pesky thongs after all!

(Picture of thongs: Debra Arif)

1 comment:

Thrifty Chick said...

What's wrong with flip flops at pools and beaches? I can't imagine!

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