Thursday, June 26, 2008

Piano Prince of New Orleans and a video

Last evening we listened to the fabulous piano-playing and singing of Mr. Davell Crawford -- the Piano Prince of New Orleans. Once again we were in awe of what the Noone family puts together for the Glenwood Springs community. It was a Jazz-perfect evening. In honor of that perfect evening (and the fact that I think I may have figured out how to use the video on my little camera) I am adding a short video clip of the concert (with a little glitch at the end that I don't know how to get rid of):

The Summer of Jazz is not without controversy, however. It seems that some folks are upset with the way some parents allow their children to scream and holler while playing right in front of the stage. Because we sit a bit farther back we had not been bothered by the noise but I did wonder if all the movement and commotion might be distracting to the musicians. Apparently it isn't but now the situation has made the paper. I for one enjoy seeing the children dancing and twirling around with the music and this will still be allowed. They just have to be quieter. I like this compromise. It is unreasonable to think the kids have to sit still, after all it is an outdoor concert, and this is a great venue to learn about different styles of music.

It reminds me a bit about taking my children to church when they were little. We would sit up front so they could see what was happening. They had to be quiet, but not silent. They could ask questions quietly, and they could look at their "church books" -- the ones we brought out just at Mass. If they couldn't be quiet enough they would have to leave -- and forfeit the after-mass donut. Apparently that was incentive enough. They were certainly not perfect, but they were good-enough, and I think that's all God expects -- of little ones and also us oldsters!

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