Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sewing at Common Threads

The little gals at Common Threads have each been making a chemise for themselves. What fun! It's such a basic pattern that they have been able to use their creativity and make the chemise truly their own.

This little gal added a ruffle to the bottom of hers.
This one decided to split the pieces in half and use two different fabrics.
They're very careful while sewing. Sometimes we use a sticky note to show them where to line up their fabric.
And these two finished theirs yesterday! One made hers the length of a dress and the other has more of a tunic. They can hardly wait until the weather warms up although they didn't mind wearing them over their other clothing.
Aren't they just wonderful!!


Alice said...

I think it's wonderful that they can learn to sew at a young age.

Bella said...

Alice, yes, it IS wonderful! They are 8 years old, so they're younger than I was when I took sewing classes. I was ten! And I still love sewing.

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