Monday, April 19, 2010

Make-It Monday

Bella has been busy lately in her playroom, making cards, ATCs, and a travel journal. But first up: some lovely ATCs that family members have sent to me. They are from a daughter, an aunt, and a sister-in-law. So different, and all so wonderful! {You, too, can join in the ATC exchange if you'd like!}

Next up, some cards:

Now, some of my own ATCs:
This travel journal has been sent to a sister-in-law for a fundraiser:

And finally, a funny card to my sister who sent me a box of Trader Joe shopping bags. They have the coolest designs on them and I love to play with them:

Any favorites? Suggestions? I LOVE FEEDBACK!


yammy said...

How do you get your pics to line up next to one another? My post ends up so long cause they wont stay next to each other! I think I'll have to get into my art room soon!!

Alice said...

Gosh ! you have been busy Bella. I just love the Queen ATC and the bag card made me smile. The golden brown shades in your beautiful journal look lovely.

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