Monday, October 27, 2008

A Wonderful, Hopeful Political Sunday

Sunday we decided to drive north and attend a political rally, my first ever. Can you tell who we saw and heard:

"Believe in a future we can build together."
We got up to Ft. Collins about noon with the rally beginning at 3:30. Senator Obama was speaking in Denver while we were driving and estimates were over 100,000 people in attendence.
The line was already miles long but middle daughter and two friends were already in line so we joined them.

The rally was on the campus of Colorado State University and there were plenty of students in attendance. Many were studying and as the gates didn't even open until 1:30 some even had time for a nap after studying.

Who knew a Chemistry textbook would make a great pillow?
We met some wonderful people while waiting...........
This sweet family with an ever-so-cute three year old daughter "I'm really three and a half" who kept trying to get her big brother, with his nose in a book, to chase her around:

This little fan of both Senator Obama AND the Denver Broncos, with his Broncobama shirt, flashing the peace sign. Ah, hope for the future!

We finally got into the Oval where the senator was speaking. Can you see him? Just in case you can't see him among the 50,000 -- yes, 50,000 -- people, I marked him for you!

Ran into sister number three and her husband who despite having VIP tickets as campaign workers, were actually BEHIND us at the rally:

A great way to spend a blue-sky Colorado fall Sunday, with family,

beautiful scenery,

and a man who has such hope for America.


ari311 said...

Ok, 1st point: Wish I was there.
2nd point: Mal, your hair is so long again.
3rd point: I hope my vote makes a difference.

Being BellaSophia said...

Three points:
1. We wish you were with us, too. And there will be more rallies in the future.
2. Your hair is long as well--and red.
3. Your vote will surely make a difference.

yammy said...

What a fun long day!
And yes my hair is very long, but only when its straight, when its in a rats nest it is much shorter, and that is the norm.

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