Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Evening on Campus

Dear husband and I attended a lecture on campus Monday evening and were struck by the beauty of the night. Everything looked so peaceful.
Late night studies were happening in a few of the buildings.

The trees and stone walls that grace this campus, which we happen to think is the most beautiful campus in the US, looked a bit eerie in the dark.

We found an interesting sign that surely was not needed when we were students here.

Of course, there were still a few houligans to be found.

Why was that handsome man trying to push over the lamp post?
As for the raccoons, we'd never seen any quite as bold as they were last night. So many seemed to be just strolling about campus as we were, enjoying the cool air, earlier freshened by a light rain. And interestingly, daughter number one, up in Glenwood Springs, had a raccoon scratching at her back door yesterday, apparently trying to gain entrance to the warm kitchen.
When we arrived home we found our own houligan sacked out on the living room couch. She looked so comfortable and at age 14 and having taken a LONG walk in the afternoon I'm sure she thought she deserved that wonderful spot, but she wouldn't dare do that when we're at home! She even looked a bit embarrassed when I called her name right after I snapped the photo.

We did accomplish one big thing yesterday and were rewarded with a nice sticker:

1 comment:

yammy said...

I like the photo of the raccoon up close, and the tree. Beany is so cute!

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