Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gotta Love High School Football

Last evening was the annual cross-town rival football game for our town's two largest high schools. Back when I attended one of the schools, the other was fairly new and somewhat out in the country. I remember that school being referred to as "Farmer High School" and pranks seemed to revolve around farm animals, like chickens being set loose in our school.

One year when my little brother was quarterback there was a snow/ice storm that got worse during the evening game that put the game on "pause." The next morning the game resumed where it left off and I can't even remember who won.

Both teams now play on the same field, the field that was OUR field back in the day. And it will remain "our field" forever, as far as I'm concerned!

Last night's game had a bit of excitement:

The fact that he's carrying a sword which would fit in with the other team's identity as "The Knights" leads me to suspect he was cheering on the other team. And............our team lost.

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