Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Big Game

The big game for our family this season was the Colorado-Texas game, Colorado's Homecoming game, played last night at Folsom Field. We happen to be a "mixed" family, with ties to both Colorado and Texas and this adds to the excitement. The night before the game we took visiting family members to the Stampede on the downtown mall, a huge community gathering of football fans, players, the marching band, local celebrities, and lots of singing of the CU fight song.

The day of the game more family arrived, wearing burnt orange instead of black and gold. Dear husband and I wore our CU gear but also UT hats, signifying our divided allegiance but most of the family wore the Texas colors.

There were many, many Texas visitors at the game and they more than filled the visitor's section of the field.

Little brother was kept busy on the sidelines, sending in the plays.

The Golden Buffalo Marching Band, celebrating their 100th Birthday, entertained us at halftime with songs from all the decades. There's a very nice article on the band here.

There was time after the game for a bit of a family reunion which is always nice.
Even though we represent two schools, we can peacefully coexist.

That's one happy little brother/receiver's coach there! And just why was he happy? Because he got to see some of his family? Well, maybe a little. But the biggest reason:

At least it wasn't as bad as the last time we played!

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yammy said...

Good game!! I saw little Joe on TV at the end!!

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