Friday, March 25, 2011

Today's hike

Today we wanted to find out if there was a trail just east of my home so off we went to explore. Other than a trail that led to a homeless encampment, we didn't find anything. But it was fun just scouting it out. The day was a bit gray, and we would get a few snowflakes every once in awhile but other than that, it was good hiking weather.

Hiking Buddy had his sleek racing coat on today and this is where he stopped to let us know there were deer up ahead.

There were a few homes along the side of the mountain and one of them had this wonderful mailbox.

Here's what was peeking out of one of the mailbox "windows."

See the cool zipper along the back of Little Buddy's coat? Oh, he was stylin' today!

We ended up back downtown, and because we had been discussing silence, we checked to see if the library copy of Into Great Silence was available. No--- but they'll let me know when it comes in. Looking forward to watching it.

On my way back home, walking along the bike path, I saw a huge flock of bluebirds. I just love them. You may need to click on the photos to enlarge them so you can really see how beautful these little guys are.

And of course, a sweet chubby robin.

Almost home, just in time. Looks like a snow shower coming down to us from Aspen.


Alice said...

Hi Bella - that's a VERY special mailbox ! Love all the photos .... the little bluebirds are gorgeous.

yammy said...

When I looked at the pictures on my phone, I thought that was a real house about to collapse in to the river!!

Bella said...

If the first look was just a glimpse out of the corner of your eye, like mine, you'd think that as well! It was a bit startling! :-)

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