Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday Hike

This week, HC decided we should tackle the Jess Weaver Trail. And once again we were blessed with perfect hiking weather!

Two photos of the old aquaduct that brought water into town. We were trying to figure out just HOW they built that on the side of sheer rock faces! Incredible.

Here, HC is showing me how the two creeks, No Name and Grizzly, are connected upvalley, and how the two combine to bring water into town now. She is definitely a gem to be hiking with!!

Some cairns along the trail.

Looking down onto No Name Creek.

And here we're a bit closer. I learned that this is not a good place to hike in June as the creek will have covered the path!

This was the turnaround spot for two of us. Little Buddy smelled something, though, and decided to forge ahead for awhile. You can see here, though, that the path is not very wide.

Some of the beauty.

HC pointing (you know, the requisite pointing picture!) to the radio towers. We have earlier hiked on the other side of that mountain.

Spring is just around the corner!


Alice said...

Loved looking at the photos, Bella.
I was transported into a different place for awhile - so fresh and cool. Our days are still hot, but the nights are cooling down now. :)

Bella said...

Alice, I wish I could have bottled some of that water for you. It was SOOOOOO cold! Quite refreshing.

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