Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week I'm thankful for our dog, Kona. She's an amazing 16 years old and I guess that's rather old for a 60 pound dog.

This is what she does most of the day and night. Except in the late afternoon when she realizes it's time for her walk! She still loves to go for her daily walk with DH. Her hearing is gone, but she does seem to be able to see things so I think her sight is still pretty good. Her sense of smell is the best, though. She catalogs all new smells on her daily walk and knows when there's a new smell nearby!

Today I let her play with the Zhuzhu hamster. She likes to lick it to stop it from running around.

I've come up with a new name for Kona. I think Timex would be a great name. You know, keeps on ticking. I know someday we'll wake and find that she has died, but in the meantime there's food to be eaten, a little toy to play with, and that daily walk!


Anonymous said...

She will never die... and remember the last time you posted something about an aged animal??? bad Karma mom!!!

I LOVE and miss my pooh bear booger butt.


Bella said...

I don't remember. What happened?

Alice said...

To pause and be thankful, is a wonderful exercise. :)

Yammy said...

Kona is the sweetest dog ever!! I will see her in 5 months!!

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