Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hiking the Transfer Trail

Temps got down below zero this past week, but by the time our Friday Hike Day rolled around, the air had warmed up and it was another perfect day to go hiking. This week HC chose the Transfer Trail, just north of the city.

As we set off, we were greeted by some mighty fine wild turkeys in a nearby yard.

Wonder-Chihuahua thought we were going a bit too slow!

Part of our trail.

Looking down on the little town of No Name, tucked between I70 and the Colorado River. A bit of the history of No Name here.

Yet another abandoned vehicle high up on the hiking trail.

No, I really don't want to take the short cut! :-)

I really am thankful to have such a knowledgeable hiking buddy. I need to learn to hike as simply as she does. I seem to have to carry my pack which, as she reminded me, contained a library book last week. Maybe that's really unnecessary... What do you think?


Yammy said...

I'm always told I carried too much when I go out too, but when people need some gum, knife, or TP, I'm the one they go to!

Bella said...

Well, I guess I must have passed that along to you. But, you just never know.....

Alice said...

Hi Bella .... just left a message on "little boxes" - thankyou for visiting. :)
The photos of your mountains and all that snow are wonderful, although I know it is very cold... but walking along would keep your bodies warm, no doubt.
Had a smile when reading up the information about the town of no name ..... what a good name !!!

Anonymous said...

That dog is WAYYYYYY to cute.

Bella said...

People stop my friend and ask her if the dog is the one from some Chihuahua movie. Apparently he looks just like the movie dog. Haven't seen the movie, so I don't know. But he's the best little hiking dog I've ever seen. He can go 30-40 miles at a time!

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