Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday Hike

Perfect day for hiking the Jeanne Golay trail (Red Mountain trail), at least I think that's what it's called! You might remember Jeanne biking in the Olympics.
Met my hiking buddies down at the plaza. Here they come:

Usually we are the only one's on the trail but this time it was different. I think we ran into three other folks and their animals:

Here was one group. Look who's the only one who remembered his boots!

Little buddy thought he saw some bear tracks....

Little buddy making a snowman.

Always have to have the pointing picture! This was where we turned around and headed back.

Lots of birds this time. Spring must be coming! If anyone knows what kind of bird this is, please tell. I'm leaning towards a female Western Tanager......

NO, little buddy! We are NOT going that way!

A very proud little hiker.

This guy tried to show us up by RUNNING on the trail, but notice please --- he has his dog carrying the heavy stuff for him!

Some shots around town as I walked back home:

I really do love these winter hikes.


Alice said...

Just Love those doggy boots !!! :)

Yammy said...

I don't think it's right to have your dog do the work for you. Lexi definitely would not stand for it!

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