Sunday, May 30, 2010

We had a fun-filled weekend with Middle Daughter and her boyfriend, who came up to see us to say goodbye before they leave for Florida. DH and I walked downtown to deliver the coffee
sleeves I made, and there I enjoyed a scrumptious bowl of Avocado Poblano Soup

while waiting for the kids to arrive. Will definitely be getting some more of that soup sometime. Yummm......

We just had to get a photo by the downtown cow.

Saturday morning we were greeted by this beautiful bluebird at the feeder so we knew it was going to be a great day!

We headed out for Redstone where we spotted a very famous lady
peeking out of her front window -- and check out who was visiting her!

The Crystal River was not too good for fishing right now -- too fast -- so..........

....from Redstone we continued on to Marble

and the three fisher-people enjoyed Beaver Lake:

I read a book while looking at this view:

Sunday started out at the monastery in Snowmass

and then we were off to Basalt for breakfast.

This gal must have lost her luggage-- She had to go out to eat in her pajamas! At least she didn't lose her camera .....

Then ... off to Carbondale.

With all the mountains around them, these boys just HAD to climb all over Buddha?

I've mentioned before that there seems to be a lot of medical marijuana shops around here, but Carbondale goes one better:

Mellow-out those doggies and they won't pollute!

Middle Daughter and Boy Friend were sad that they didn't get to see all the wonderful art sculptures as there is a fundraiser going on right now:

Time to say goodbye. The kids are off to Boulder where they will run in the Bolder Boulder on Monday.


Alice said...

The weekend looks and sounds fabulous ! all the pictures, especially of the family.

yammy said...

Fantastic weekend!!

Bella said...

Alice, you are such a faithful blog friend! Thanks. It definitely was a great weekend.

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