Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Fun

Lots of fun this past week and most involved making things:
First up, I went up to Ft. Collins to sew with Middle Daughter. She bought fabric to make four pillowcases. Here's her first one:

At sewing class, even a daddy got into the fun of stuffing the giant gumdrop pillows that the girls made:

The fabric for this particular pillow was so cute. It had ladybugs all over it. And the little seamstress alternated her panels, yellow and green. I told her she had to give it to me. But -- she wouldn't. :-(

And here are some envelopes I made -- to brighten our letter carrier's day --- and MAYBE yours!

Now, go make something!


yammy said...

Those are some crazy envelopes!! I wish I had the patience to make nice envelopes! As you'll see in a few days I sort of decorated one!

Alice said...

Yes, that IS very cute lady bug material.... and the blue fabric has an interesting pattern also. The artwork on your envelopes has a unique individual flair ... quite exciting from a viewer's perspective.
Thankyou for your lovely comments on my blog and yes, I love beachcombing...surprise bits and pieces washed up to investigate.

christy b., that's me! said...

LOVE the envelopes!

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