Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lake Quinault, WA

Yesterday we took a drive up to Lake Quinault and drove through LOTS of trees.

We arrived at the very welcoming front door of Dear Husband's brother's home.

Here is what sits on the other end of the porch. Hmmm.... lots of rain up here!

And that rain helps the trees grow tall. Even the roots grow tall!

We saw one wild animal in the neighborhood.

Youngest Daughter had spent the previous night with her Aunt and Uncle and when we arrived, she was out touring the area by bike with her uncle. Although she ended up with a flat tire and had to walk part of the way back, she still had a great time.
When SIL returned home from the library we drove to the other side of Lake Quinault where the Lodge is.

It's quite grand. I could see myself sitting out on the porch or down by the lake, reading a good book in one of those Adirondack chairs. Ahhh.............such bliss!

View from the front porch of lodge. Even with the fog, it's quite beautiful.

Some proof that all is not just green and gray around here!

The rain guage on the porch let us know that there has been about 5.5 feet of rain so far this year. Last year: nearly 11 feet. But the record year: about 15.5 feet. Gosh, that's a lot of rain!

So much rain that when YD peered inside this tree she saw......

...moss growing inside the tree!

But with all that water comes waterfalls. Watch out so you don't slip on those rocks.

After all that exploring, it was time for the feast! It was truly amazing what the in-laws had cooked. And those hamburger rolls --- home made!

Even though YD seems quite happy up here, she's definitely looking forward to getting to her university today. But I'm sure she'll return to her extended family up here at the lake!

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yammy said...

Such a beautiful place!! I love the feasts up there too!!

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