Saturday, September 5, 2009

Last full day in Portland

Saturday is Farmer's Market day in Portland and we were fortunate to be close enough to walk to it this morning. This is THE BEST Farmer's Market I have ever been to. And many other people think so as well because


and more rain.......

cannot keep the people from their market!

Youngest Daughter found herself pondering, and then buying, the kohlrabi which she discovered she loved when her aunt and uncle gave her some that they grew in their Lake Quinault garden.

I think Youngest Daughter has found her Saturday morning activity, especially because it takes place on her college campus and is practically in her back yard! They seem to have every kind of food she needs, so I doubt she'll be seeing the inside of a Safeway for awhile.

We saw lots of other sites as we trudged through the rain-dampened streets. Now aren't we REAL Portlandians, not hiding in our hotel room but rather, grabbing our umbrellas and just heading out the door?!

Today we saw......

a building that was painted like............... a building,

a "skate route" sign,

a cool fountain,

a salmon swimming through the side of a building (on Salmon Street),

the entrance to Chinatown,

and lots of folks dressed up for Kumoricon 2009, Oregon's largest Anime convention. Who knew?

We sure have enjoyed our brief stay in Portland and know that Youngest Daughter will have lots to do and see during her college days here.

One last thing -- a picture of the curious shower stall in our hotel room:

It has a cut-out section in the plexiglass wall, presumably so you can stick your hand in to turn the water on. But.............. water from the rain-style shower head hits your body and then shoots right through that hole and onto the floor. Someone didn't design that correctly!

Tomorrow we're off to Boise, Idaho.

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