Monday, September 7, 2009

Goodbye to Portland

We really came to love Portland and we're quite envious of Youngest Daughter, as she gets to stay! It seems like the perfect city for her. :-)
One last thing we had to do..... one last bowl of Tillamook Mudslide! It's to die for!!

One more thing we'll miss about Oregon -- besides that Tillamook Mudslide -- you can't pump your own gas! And why not? Well, the attendants didn't seem to know.

Next up:

Spent the night in Boise, where we couldn't see the CU-CSU game, even though we had a huge TV.

Incidently, Boise was the home of the current CU coach, before he arrived in Colorado. I think he had more success in Boise. I bet he wishes he was back there!

Our one photo of outdoor Boise. Maybe there's actually more to see, but we just didn't have time. It was on to Salt Lake City this morning.

Only one glitch on the drive, where we crept along at less than 10 mph for quite a ways.
Here's the reason:

Yikes! But we've driven over 3,000 miles and this is the first accident we've seen.

We saw many billboards on the highway in Utah, advertising ................Nevada. What? Isn't there anything in Utah they could advertise????

Our SLC hotel is lovely, and even has a library!

After checking in and getting our bearings, we walked across the street to Temple Square. It's quite impressive -- and an elder in the church gave us a personal tour. We were filled with questions and learned a lot from this gentleman.

And finally, a view of Salt Lake City in the evening -- from our hotel room.

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