Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday in Glenwood Springs

Saturday, Dear Husband and I left our home about 8 AM in search of the perfect cinnamon roll for our friend, Lynne. We first went to Daily Bread as we had read something on the internet about their cinnamon rolls. The lady at Daily Bread said they don't have them....and that there was no one who had them in Glenwood Springs! Hmmm.......We tried a few doors down at Sacred Grounds. Yes, there on the giant black board was "Cinnamon Rolls!" We asked for one and got..........NOT a cinnamon roll. It was a sticky bun. And a plastic fork. And the gal working the counter was not very interested in getting us our coffee either. Sorry Lynne, you may be out of luck. But I'll keep working on it.

We headed over to The Book Grove, my favorite bookstore. I had gone in on Friday and hit the jackpot! Four books, including one written by a lady we know. Now, you may ask, how was it that I found so many books, so easily?

Check out this shelf! (Click on photo to enlarge it!) Miss S., the proprietor of The Book Grove, set up this shelf for Dear Husband and I last summer. And she still maintains it!

Here she is behind her counter -- which always seems to have a bowl of chocolates. Books AND chocolate -- what could be better? When you're in Glenwood Springs, stop by and say hi to her -- and look for some good books. I'm sure you'll find some.

Afterwards we wandered the streets, getting reacquainted with Glenwood, had some lunch, went to see "Angels and Demons," which was really good, and then headed over to St. Stephens for mass. We had some time to wait so we sat in the lovely garden area and read. St. Stephens is interesting. It's built like a smaller version of St. Peter's in Rome, complete with paintings on the ceiling and saints all around the edge of the roof. And the priest not only said mass but he was the choir, cantor, homilist, fund raiser, and dishwasher, too! The church seemed rather large for the few people in attendance, so it's off to the Monastery for us next week!

After mass we headed home. Just another lovely day in paradise!

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