Friday, May 8, 2009

Last Day at Common Threads

As we're leaving for the Roaring Fork Valley this weekend, Thursday was my last day (for a while?) at Common Threads. I have loved helping out at this wonderful store/creative place and so enjoyed my conversations on life, book discussions, and of course sewing with the lovely ladies and gentlemen who work there. I've learned so much from them. It's a gem of a place. Check out the store, sign up for a class or two. They have camps for children, too.

The ladies brought in some yummy cupcakes from Tee and Cakes. Tasteful treats, for sure. My favorite, so far? The maple cake with chocolate frosting topped with BACON. (Left column, middle cake) To die for!! Check them out on 14th Street just off the Pearl Street Mall -- on Sweets Row!

Here's a photo of the Chocolate Bacon Cupcake:


yammy said...

Im gona have to stop by that cupcake place, those look delishhhhhh! but I don't think I want baccon on my sweets!

Being BellaSophia said...

You have NO clue what you'd be missing! That was the MOST delicious cupcake I've EVER had!!!

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