Sunday, February 8, 2009

Home Colonoscopy

Yes indeed. A home colonoscopy. I've had so many now I feel I can now do one at home. Or at least have one done ON my home. Our home's colon finally succumbed to the great polyps. The gastroenterologist was unable to keep up with the growing cancer and had to perform a colectomy this past week. And like a surgeon, who would have perhaps had to also perform a colostomy, after the wonderful plumbers were able to insert a brand-spanking new piece of colon into the bowels of our front yard they even gave us a new clean-out. Now they can access the colon from outside the house instead of in my art room.
I definitely heart plumbers. As much as I heart my gastroenterologist!

Some scenes from the procedure:
There were NO sewer rats found roaming the pipes. In fact, the plumber said he'd never seen one, but he did say he once saw a telephone pole in a sewer -- ouch!

Sure hope the grass grows back!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yuck, please tell me that the gardener is coming now??????

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