Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Football Saturday

Some observances from the Colorado-Iowa State football game:
It's fun to share, especially when your friend has come to the game without a warm jacket.

And it's also fun to try to dance like the cheerleaders. Why is only one girl dancing?

The team mascots -- our sweet Ralphie, who lost a few of her handlers and nearly took out the whole sideline on her pre-game run around the field --

-- and Cy, the Iowa State mascot --

I thought they are the Iowa State Cyclones. Doesn't look like a cyclone to me. And -- I kid you not -- the full name of this university is the Iowa State University of Science and Technology! Could someone tell them that a cyclone is NOT A BIRD! What is even more amazing is this quote from Wikipedia: In early Summer 2007, Cy was voted by fans on the CBS Sports website as the "Most Dominant College Mascot on Earth" Just who are the fans on CBS sports? Come on, folks, we have a real live buffalo!
At halftime, we figured since we were losing 10-0, this would probably be the best part of the day. What fun seeing our friends up on the scoreboard as honorary C-Club members! They are a wonderful family and we've know them for probably 20 years now. Congratulations Brenda and Paul!

As always, the marching band put on a great show, complete with superheroes this time.

The remarkable thing is that apparently the superheroes stayed on the field for the second half of the game and we ended up winning 28-24. Gotta love Little Hawk!
We spotted some interesting things on the way back to our car. First, some beautiful petunias -- remember, it's almost mid-November!

And then some evidence that Halloween wasn't too long ago..........If you see a witch limping along with just one boot, tell her it's near a bush on 13th Street!

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