Monday, September 1, 2008

Taste of Colorado and a Rocky Mountain Showdown

Yesterday we had a double-header. First we visited the Taste of Colorado with friends and enjoyed a free Herman's Hermits concert. Wow! Those were the good old days. Such sweet music. The video I took of them singing "Henry VIII, I Am" is too big for this blog but I did find a youtube video of them at a concert in California a couple months ago which is nearly identical to the video I took myself! Just substitute Colorado for California references and you can see what we enjoyed yesterday. We were fortunate to find some space under a tree where it was about 20 degrees cooler, although it put us at the back of the venue. It was perfect, though, and lots of fun.

Next, the four of us headed over to Invesco Field at Mile High (I still prefer to call it Mile High Stadium) to see the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

Mile High was the site last week for Barack Obama's acceptance speech and although Wolf Blitzer on CNN kept telling his audience that the Broncos would be playing on Sunday in this stadium it was our Colorado Buffaloes and Colorado State Rams who took to the field. (We switched to CSpan when it was clear old Wolf couldn't hear us shouting, "NO, CU and CSU will be playing!")We are a divided household with the parents being CU grads, one daughter being a CSU grad and another daughter almost finished with her CSU degree. So, we wore our CU gear and some CSU beads.

As usual, the Golden Buffalo Marching Band entertained us with great music. Here they are during the pre-game show:

Our Buffs beat those Rams, 38-17! Not sure why the scoreboard says 38-18. Go Buffs!

Our CU mascot, Ralphie the Buffalo, THE BEST college mascot in my unbiased opinion, led our team onto the field and Cam the Ram, the second-best mascot, led the CSU team.

Isn't he cute? Cam is named for the former name of Colorado State University which was Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical and here are some sheep facts from the CSU website:
• Sheep have 8 teeth on the bottom of their mouth (and none on the top!).
• Sheep eat alfalfa, hay, grass, corn, oats, and other plants.
• Sheep are ruminants – they have a four compartment stomach.
• Sheep wool is flame retardant.

It was a very long day but lots of fun! And thanks to Betty and Bruce for sharing it with us.


Yammy said...

well I lost a bet to granpa so now I'm gona need his address!! Darn rams!

ari said...

I love that rammie

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