Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Non-magnetic Fridge Door

We lost our refrigerator due to old age which brought on a loss of ability to keep things frozen so we had to bite the bullet and buy a new one. We found one that would fit into the space allotted for it in our kitchen and settled on the stainless steel as that seems to be the one in style now. It was installed this morning and looks quite lovely -- and shiny.

After making sure it was clean we reloaded it with food and then I grabbed the box that held all the magnets and "stuff" from the old fridge. What? This shiny, metallic door is NOT magnetic. I realize the pictures in the design magazines always show these pristine, clutter-free refrigerator doors but I thought it was because ..... because the owners were somewhat anal about things. But NO -- you simply can not stick a magnet to the door. What to do with the guardian angel made years ago by youngest (now 18), or the little bear bought by oldest, with help from daddy, as a Mother's Day gift? Or the panda magnet given to middle daughter by her Godmother twenty years ago? Or "Dress David." Or..........well, you get the picture.

Thankfully I have discovered that the sides will hold the magnets. side is not accessible and the other is only partially. So with 480 square inches compared to the previous 1890 square inches, we've had to really cut back on the cute little keepsakes.

I have googled this problem -- admittedly a very small one -- and did find this: A Choopa Board. Hmmmmm................

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ari311 said...

Put some winter cloths on David! He looks cold.

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