Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Sights Around My Hometown

Folks who live in my hometown are often referred to as "Granola heads." I happen to love granola but no, this is NOT my car.

We have the most wonderful Farmers Market on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Last weekend I found these beautiful orange flowers.

We are a liberal enclave in a rather conservative state. And the few republicans are finally seeing the light!

The big game for me this year will be on October 4, when our Buffs host the University of Texas Longhorns. Big game for husband as he holds degrees from both universities. Big game for me because I'm a CU grad but my baby brother coaches the UT receivers. Hopefully we will have a better game than the last time we played each other. CU lost 70-3 if my memory serves me right. This fella, spotted at the Hometown Fair, is ready for the game.

We have concerts downtown, and concerts in the parks, and concerts in the Bandshell. Lots of good music but it's always better when you have a buddy who will go and listen with you.

And when the day is over and you're tired of playing your music you can just take a nap -- still hoping that people will toss in some coins, though.


yammy said...

AWWWW beautiful Boulder!! Although on my way home from work I saw an amazing rose that actually stopped me in my tracks, and I walked past a row of plum trees that smelled so good!!

Being BellaSophia said...

Ft. C. is beautiful as well. How about putting some pix on your blog? Bite the bullet. Just do it!

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