Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photo A Day: something you're grateful for

So many things that I'm grateful for, but for today's prompt I decided on Literacy Outreach, the program I volunteer with. In the last year and a half I have met so many wonderful folks through this program, from Martha, who's in charge of it all, to my student and her beautiful husband and children, and to all of the moms and their little ones who come to the library on Monday mornings for our Conversation Circle.  

My student is amazing. She's keeps busy with her family and church activities, caring so lovingly for her husband, sons, and daughter, and leading the music group at her church. She has the voice of an angel and plays several instruments. DH and I have unofficially adopted them all and consider ourselves Grama and Grampa!  Such fun. 

Most of the moms in the Conversation Circle are waiting for individual tutors, so while they wait they can come and  learn some new vocabulary, play some games, and practice what they already know. And their little ones get to play with other little ones,  and hear English being spoken, and -- big benefit --- see Mama learning a new language. When I mentioned to one little boy, a kindergartner, that he needed to make sure his mama practiced English as homework, he giggled and thought that was the funniest thing ever. Mama has homework! 

I am grateful for this wonderful program, through which I have met many new friends and enlarged my family!  

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