Monday, April 23, 2012

Bellagatta's birthday

This is Bellagatta, the newest member of our little family. We got her at the Rescue Center near us and she has been so much fun. Like any cat, she spends a fair amount of time sleeping.

We purchased several "cat toys" at the pet store but Bellagatta prefers to make her own. Like this twisty-tie. And bottle caps. 

 Today was her first birthday so we decided to have a little party. We're caring for our friend's dog, so of course he was invited. He refused to wear the party hat, but loved the sardines. Our little neighbor came over, wore a hat, and held Bella's bowl of sardines with the candle. Bellagatta, however, refused to attend. Too bad. It was a fine party.


LissC said...

AWE!!! happy birthday little bella kitty!!!! How adorable. You have the best cat names! I had a cat named grizzabella.

Bella said...

Thanks. I like the name "Grizzabella" as well. I'm definitely a cat-person.... :-)

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