Friday, November 5, 2010

Bike Accident Dilemma

Most of you know that I dearly love bicycling. I much prefer to ride my bike than use the car to run errands around town. Earlier this week as I was riding home I was approaching an intersection where the cross street traffic had a stop sign and I had the right of way. I spotted a large truck at the stop sign, saw that he was stopped so continued riding. As I got right in front of him he drove forward and hit me. Yep, broadsided by a truck! As I laid on the ground, tangled in my bike, all I could think of was "Please don't drive over me." He didn't. He, and his three passengers, got out and helped me up, checked my bike, and the driver kept saying repeatedly, "You OK? Sorry." I felt I was fine, my bike was still working, but I realized whatever I said would not be understood as he spoke Spanish and I spoke English. And all the men had terrified looks on their faces. I felt so sorry for them. So, I took the driver's arm, and gently patted it as I said, "Please be careful." Then, I was off to continue my ride home.

By the evening I realized I had hurt one of my hands -- the one I put out to slow down the fall. But I think something was just dislocated as I was trying to exercise it and something "popped." A couple aspirin, and a good night's sleep, and it was fine.

Now, the dilemma: I have been told by some folks that I should have called the police and reported the man who ran into me. What do you think? What's done is done, no turning back. But if there's a next time....... What would you have done?

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Alice said...

Oh ! ... I'm so glad you're OK, Bella. What a fright that must have been.
Odds are, there won't be a "next time". I think I would have done exactly as you did in the circumstances - when you're lying on the ground, you're not considering names and registration numbers.

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