Monday, March 8, 2010

What's up with this?

This weekend's weather was so lovely; just perfect for walking Pearl Street. So, after hearing Fr. Terry's talk on Merton's Palace of Nowhere, and doing a bit of Centering Prayer, Dear Husband and I went walking.

We decided on BJs for lunch and first off, ordered coffee. It was your standard restaurant-fare coffee in a standard cup. Small and thick-walled, not much coffee in it. When we asked for refills, the waiter told us that he would have to charge us for another cup. WHAT?! No free refills? I'm glad he told us as we might have ended up with a huge bill just for the coffee. Folks, this was NOT good coffeehouse type coffee. This was the kind you'd get at a chain breakfast place. $2.00 for a little cup. And NO refills. I think we'll scratch this place off our list.


Daughter #3. said...

OH MY! this shouldn't ever happen... Even though they are cheep they still have reallly really good hot wings. However you know my stance on coffee...the more the better, maybe Bj's will be off my list as well.

yammy said...

So we went to breakfast the other day and BF asked if I thought they gave free refills, I said "of course they do, who doesn't!" Well I guess I know now who doesn't. Plus our coffee was hazelnut and delish!!!

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