Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some Thursday Thoughts

Have you seen this woman? Susan Boyle. A contestant on Britain's Got Talent.
According to Fr. James Martin, SJ (from Paulist Press):
"(The video) may be the best example of the how God sees us - and the way that the world often doesn't.

Ms. Boyle, a matronly 48-year-old unemployed woman, who touchingly described herself on camera as "never been married, never been kissed," lives in a small English village with her cat, Pebbles. When she strode onto the stage of "Britain's Got Talent," you could see the contemptuous grimaces in the crowd. And when the heavyset woman smilingly announced that she would sing the vocally challenging song from "Les Miserables," called "I Dreamed a Dream," you could see the collective judges (including the ever-present Simon Cowell) literally roll their eyes in barely disguised disgust. Please.

When Ms Boyle opened her mouth, however, out came a voice that silenced her critics. Watch her video here if you haven't already."
Something to think about: Am I like the crowd before she begins singing -- or the crowd after? I certainly don't see God in the "before crowd", do you? How wonderful for us.

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