Saturday, July 5, 2008

Peace and Quiet on the Fourth of July

For the Fourth of July we decided to head over to Veltus Park where we could park our lawn chairs and read alongside the Roaring Fork.

It was such a pleasant place to read. The temperature was quite a bit cooler in the park, the occasional rafters were fun to watch zipping along the river, and we each had a great book to read. Tom had The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross and I brought Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. Ahh...........heaven on earth.

Until we began hearing clunking noises behind us!

The young folks involved were very apologetic and told us that "if we yell, 'Heads up' then.........." but we cut them off and told them we were already thinking about moving our chairs, so not to worry! We moved up river, read a bit more, but realized that as the young folks had four -- yes, four--- large bags of charcoal, this was probably going to more party and noise than what we'd enjoy. Bye-bye for the evening, Veltus Park. But it was lovely while it lasted.

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MJ said...

I'm a member of the Watercolor Journaling group. Wanted to say hi and tell you that your blog stories were lots of fun. Nice website. Soooo, did you find another place to read your books before the fireworks started? :)

Joan in WA St.

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