Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Keep Forgetting My Camera Lately

I left my camera at home for the last Summer of Jazz concert this week so I have no pictures of it but the music was great. It was Kevin Mahogany's Kansas City Revue. Lots of dancing early on this time. We shared it with a dear friend -- actually a "framily member." You know, more than a friend, almost like family.

And then today we went up to Mountain Fair in Carbondale and I left my camera at home AGAIN! I realize now that God is trying to tell me something about living in the moment and not worry about getting those pictures. I should just enjoy the moment. But I do have pictures of past Mountain Fairs which would still work today:

This is the nice lady who makes the Saint icons. We had previously bought St. Bernard from her and this year we bought St. Valentine. Nice work and very nice lady. And gotta love her sign!

This act was not here this year but there was still plenty to watch. We enjoyed the Limbo contest and it ended in a tie between a young man (probably early 20's and most assuredly a gymnast) and a little girl about 10. Lots of fun.

Plenty of lively music in the Gazebo. Although I must say that the group from the Aspen Jazz summer camp was good when they were just playing their instruments but the singing reminded me of "America's Got Talent" -- the acts that you say to yourself, "Does that person REALLY think they can sing?"

And of course lots of kids! They are so fun to watch. They were dancing, spinning, crying, screaming, getting lost, getting found, and sometimes........just quietly enjoying the shows like the rest of us!


mallory said...

What kind of 20 year old doesn't let a little kid win!

Being BellaSophia said...

The judges flipped a coin to see who got the first place t-shirt and who got the second-place shirt! Everyone looked happy.

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