Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I volunteer once a week at the nearby elementary school, working with the Literacy teacher in the library. But during her planning period I get to go to Kindergarten, and do math with the little ones. What fun! The class is divided into small groups and I get to play a math game with my group. I'm also there for anyone who needs a little one-on-one help with a particular concept.

Sadly, next week is the last week of school and I will miss those little folks. They keep me young. So young, in fact, that a couple of them thought I was in high school! (I graduated from hs in 1971) I'm not reminding myself that they lump together everyone in high school and beyond and label all of us as "old people!" :-)

This past Monday they gave me a card that they all had signed. What a treasure!

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