Monday, February 8, 2010

Make-it Monday

Lately I have been trying to consolidate all of my sewing/crafts/art stuff into one room. While going through bins of fabric, threads, patterns, I came across some unfinished pieces and I had an "aha" moment! I had recently helped my young folks at Common Threads make some new pillow covers. I could use the paper-pieced quilt squares to make covers for the pillows I had recently uncovered. First, I had to finally finish the paper-piecing. I brought it along when I went to Thursday sewing at Common Threads. Then, on to the pillow cover.

Here is one of the pillows:

I think it had been thrown into the washing machine at some point and the stuffing was hard as a rock. The old orange cover had probably shrunk and made the stuffing compress. So I decided to open it up and remove the stuffing, pull it apart, and fluff it up some. I then had this mess:

I stuffed a lot, but not all, of the old stuffing back into the old pillow, sewed it back up, and put the new cover on it:

My new pillow looks a whole lot nicer than the old one. I picked up this Honu pattern on one of our Hawaiian trips. I loved swimming with the Honu so this makes me smile when I look at it. Next up, a Nene pillow!

1 comment:

yammy said...

I must say it looks a bit better now :)

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