Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And What is This?

This item in our kitchen is definitely a multi-tasker. On first glance you might say it is a fireplace -- and you would be correct. It is gas powered so that it can be used on "no burn days."

Secondly, you can almost see that it is used for magnetic poetry. The current poem (those white spots on the top of the frame) is: Celebrate yourself, you matter. Enthusiasm honors each day! Gratitude.

Don't know who the poet is but undoubtedly is a teenager or young adult who has spent some time with us (one of our own or a friend.) And considering the layer of dust on it, it's probably been awhile since they wrote it.

But now for the newest use for this object -- a raccoon nursery. Yesterday we heard a little chattering noise coming from within and brave husband took his flashlight, threw open the doors, thrust his head and light into the darkness and came face to face with a little raccoon. The last time this happened (I know, we need to cap the chimney) we researched raccoon removal and used a bowl of ammonia, very loud talk radio, and a sheet thrown down into the chimney and the little critters moved on, hoping for a more peaceful residence. For now, whether it's from our Centering Prayer practice, studying Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth, or feeling not so sure about climbing onto the roof, we have decided to leave them alone. According to one website, they will move on when the little ones are old enough. And then we can call in the Chimney Sweep!


mallory said...

More babies!
Can you take a picture so I can see?

Being BellaSophia said...

I don't think Dad wants to face the possible wrath of MaMa!

You littlest one said...

Can we keep one please?!

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