Sunday, June 10, 2007


I am what is called a "cat person." It's not that I don't like dogs but they're a bit too high-maintenance for me. I like the independent attitude of a cat, and their intelligence. You might ask how I could think that a cat is intelligent. Our dog can speak on command and come when called, but our cats can't--or rather, won't. That proves it! Why would a cat allow itself to be subject to the desires of it's human? A cat is smart enough to know that it will get fed without having to perform for it's human. Cats know that they have been worshipped as gods and lets us know that. Why, our own Madame Pele sits next to her food dish every morning and every evening and howls, insisting that WE feed HER--and we do. Who's the one who has been trained? Who's the intelligent one?

Something I learned recently about cats is that people who are allergic to them are actually allergic to a protein, the Fel d 1, in the cat's saliva. This protein is produced in the cat's salivary glands. As cats are fastidious, they deposit the Fel d 1 protein on their fur whenever they lick themselves. This dries and is shed wherever the cat happens to be. So, long-haired or short-haired, it doesn't matter. You just have to keep the cat from licking itself. Maybe an Elizabethan collar?

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Yammy said...

Very true. But recently Artimis comes when he is called...and Kona ignores us. So the roles have been reversed.

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