Sunday, May 27, 2007

Began the day at a Monastery

Started out the day with mass at a Trappist Monastery, set in the middle of 4,000 acres of the most exquisitely beautiful and quiet land. I find it a peaceful refuge from the chaos of normal life. Our dear friend celebrated mass and, as usual, gave a very thoughtful homily. I especially enjoyed hearing that you can be a missionary, staying in one place, and people coming to you. Dear Husband was struck with the idea that Jesus was resurrected, body AND soul, which connected the Trinity with humanity. God wants to be a part of humanity---what a wonderful thought.

Bought a new book today: The Gravedigger's Daughter, by Joyce Carol Oates. She's been a favorite author of mine for nearly 40 years. Found it at the lovely independent bookstore AND it's a signed first edition. The release date will be the 30th! I love falling upon such great finds.

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Yammy said...

Its about time that backyard got a grill!

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